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This BPD awareness month, here’s to the borderlines who:

• Aren’t “brilliant”
• Aren’t “beautiful”
• Lash out at people impulsively
• Are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol
• Cannot get treatment
• Don’t have recovery as an option
• Cannot control their impulses
• Hurt people and don’t know how to be “good” people and feel like giving up on trying
• Are in jail, homeless, or institutionalized
• Are made to feel this month isn’t for you

You deserve advocacy, too, just as much, if not even more so. This is your month, too. Pretending you don’t exist and don’t deserve better is NOT the answer. Sometimes we hurt people. Sometimes we’re not good people. Abolish the idea that this means you aren’t a part of mental health advocacy. I’m here for my fellow borderlines. All of them.

(Do not comment or add onto this post if you don’t have BPD)

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